Certified Life Coaching Journey

747 Consulting Group is located in Boston, USA, a full service training and consulting firm with partners throughout the world & a leader in the training industry with a global team of instructors and facilitators in many fields providing individual and corporate training programs.

We started providing life coaching training in Egypt & Middle East more than 2 years ago.

With our believe in coaching and its effective impact in people lives we are proudly introducing the first gamified coaching learning experience worldwide. With our passion towards coaching and believing in the unlimited human powers we started our journey …..

Our Team

Our facilitators and mentors are all certified coaches in either ACC, PCC, or MCC with wide experience in both the coaching field, and in the classroom.

Our facilitators and mentors are highly skilled coaches with unique characters and extensive knowledge in the coaching field and other fields as well.

Our facilitators and mentors are delivering this program with passion and commitment believing in humanity and compassion, they encourage attendees to dig deeper and discover their inner powers and help others to do so.

Our facilitators and mentors are supporting engagement in this experience and they do their best to involve all attendees in activities, coaching sessions, and games to get the most benefit out of this learning journey.

Our facilitators and mentors have the vision of continuously support our coaching students and graduates with different services to maximize their coaching skills and abilities.

Learning Experience

  • A world class learning experience facilitated by experienced coaches with professional and personal life experience.
  • The first gamified coaching learning experience worldwide.
  • A unique and remarkable learning experience provides attendees with knowledge, tools, attitude, ethics, practice and confidence in their life coaching career.
  • Highly engaging experience where attendees practice coaching around 20 times through the journey.
  • A journey that takes attendees to another level of awareness, discovering the impact and effect of coaching.
  • Intensive and transformational experience where bonding happens between all attendees in a safe environment.
  • An attitude changing experience through self-awareness and self-exploration journey.
  • A journey that make attendees believe in the human powers and discover the greatness within every human being.
  • A professional and rich content delivered with passion, believing in humanity and coaching impact.
  • A story living experience which prepares attendees to blow up human potential energies and abilities.

With an experience for more than 2 years, 660 training hours, 12 rounds, 182 attendees and 41 ACC (Associate Certified Coaches), we are inviting you to Unlock Your Human Powers and join our next Certified Life Coaching Journey.

Our facilitators impacted many lives
Our graduates impacted many others
The impact has to be continued …